Spring has nearly Sprung

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, basking in the almost-springtime sunshine, listening to the birds singing, and observing the bulbs in my yard eagerly pushing themselves towards their first bloom.  Only 5 days until it is official!  Springtime: the most delightful season.

Each season offers a lesson through the happenings of the natural world.  Winter is a time for moving inward, of self-reflection and contemplation.  We can be quiet, manifesting what we want come springtime.  We sow the seeds that will eventually grow into existence in the months of warmth and bountiful sunshine.

Winter is coming to an end and I can see and feel changes on the horizon.  Perhaps because of the longer and warmer days, or perhaps because of the existence of a creative mind, fresh ideas are popping into my head.  And I am punching them out in the form of small silver shapes!  Brooches are my new favorite piece of jewelry to make; each one is a small work of art.


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